Monday, February 1, 2010

My unhappiness

Why is tis my life i cant be happy my life is with hurting sad crying life i need the most caring person just to be myside when i need the person when i feel lonely.. my heart is hurting and bleeding can i be happy who can be the one who alway beside me i feel like tis is not my life which is my life my life is in a mess i want a happy no tear no sad jus onli want happy he is no longer beside me i tot i found a guy who cares and dote me but why it took it away from me so fast..My life is terrible sad my life has no happy no joy i don seem any happiness in my life onli sad sad sadness.. I don wan to cry anymore Y i have to contiune with my life Y have to bring me to tis life i hate myself so much i realli hate my life Y i have to bear so much pain


My life is in a dark i don see sunlight brighten my day my tear has dry my heart is arching i lost the motive of my life i am very tired and i don have the ENERGY to hang on anymore i wish i can let go of my hand my heart is bleeding wat can i do