Sunday, March 1, 2009

Born and being in tis family is so tired and heart pain staying in the family is so tired tired tired mum is so good to my brother and he wans anything mum should will get the things for him wherever he wans i totally diffrents i wans the things i needs and when she boughts the things for me yest in the future i when i go out to work and earn money i have to return back the money to her

it is fair????? tis is alway being store in my mind for the future.. Being in tis family i have to bear with the pain when in the dark nite when being alone my tears was non stop yet nobody noes my pain i realli wish to have someone who loves me with his heart whenever i needs him he will be at my side comfort me laying on his shoulder tis is wat i alway wanted..

i trying my best to earn more money and i wish i start working earning enough i will get myself a house so i can move out of the house and i can do the things that i like..

I alway wanted a house and decord the hse on my own style..

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