Sunday, March 1, 2009

Too Much thinds has been happen for the past 2 Yrs, working, Familys and relationship

On 2007 june stepping into K box to work as a training servant in the nite shift everyday ending work @ 3am reach home around 4.30am is a very tired day for me becos i have to wake up everyday at 7am to bath and to start to go sch. I have to work and study at the same time. 1 week i only have 1 day off only the day i off i can reach home after sch i can get rest Working @ k box cineleisure lvl 8 is a very tired job and is very busy on weeksend and in special nites..

i start to lose alot of weight and everyday i got not enough slp i onli have 2 hrs to slp for almost everyday and in the work place i make alots of frenzs but some of them might be too proud of themselves.. They don'y like the person they will talk at their back tis is the most things that i hate..

When the first time starting to drinks alcahol is when i enter to lvl 8 my collegue arrange a drinking session on a tuesday that all of us who work at nite and end work # 3am we went over to orchard plaza the disco pub name is: 97 that is the first time i drink martell n i get drunk after a few glass and i started to get along with the rest of the people that i just knew..

On tat nite i met a guy who work in the same company but diffrent department tat time we dun noe each other we nv have any intro but yet he get a glass of alchol to toast me and we started to have fun dancing drinking and play cards and we have alot of fun on tat day i won't nv forget the day

The story begin on the following weeks
i have no been seeing him for past weeks till a day at nite around 8-9pm i went in to the bar to get water when the moment i wanna to step out of the bar i saw him and a few guys walk in to the bar and he still remember me and he say hi to me and i start to chat with him awhile and i walk back to my working zone.. After few weeks we met again yet tis is the second time we met and is still a non busy day and he came in frm the back-doors whr the staff entry we was pushing a trolley with boxes and a plastic bag with sugar and that time i still whether is he a delivery man?? from the day on i have been thinking of him wanna to get to noe him more and wan to get his number.. and my other collegue been started to noe that i fond on him on they say him they will come to inform me and i try my best to walk over to see him if i have the time that time not many of them noe that i likes him.. so the following week i have been seeing him come and that time i finally know that he is our company KJ whose will do the maintence when the rooms system or tv as breakdown..

As far as i been working in k box for 6 month and still have no chance to get his number when on a day we having meeting and i got information that we will be having staff party on the oct and i fell that is that a chance that i can see him on that day.. And being of my 2 collegue robin and kim they knew me well they r my best buddy in lvl 8 they say they will help so they never forget their word they gaven me so on the oct staff party has reach and i aready knoew that he will be coming and that day is my off day and i have to go back to outlet @ 3am to help them to set up and staff party tat morning i have a flight in 7am to hk as the time is going nearer yet i heaver get his number so as i have to leave outlet at 5am to get over to airport to meet my family as kim noes that i have to leave so after a while she went straight over to him and get his number and i was so happy and i lefted without letting him noes.. when over hk i have been thinking of him and think wat to buy for him.. Finally i get a hardRock cafe t-shirt for him and is the same as mine..

On the day i came back from the trip and have to return to work on the following day they been asking me wat have i bought for him and ask me have i call or msg him and my ans is nope
they ask me to msg him and tell him i am back and have present for him and i realli did it and have inform him when i have end work
and he asked mi why i never tell him that i going to hk and i ask him hw you noe he say that my outlet ppl told him i went overseas and he is so surprising that i bought him a gift and he mention when he is free he will go down to collect.. Weeks and he finally came down lucky i have been keeping his gift in my bag in cause one of the day he will come down and he has receive the shirt and he so happy and ( asking me a very funny Q is the shirt cheap) how can the hardrock t-shirt can be cheap.. he likes the design that i choice for him..

past month have no been seeing him to our outlet msg him he say he has been very busy and hardly got time to come down and see me and i told him i been missing him badly and he was so touch and we started to become frenzs that everyday will msg each other like couple..

In the end i have choice but to worte letter to him after writing to him and i have no idea how to pass it to him no chance to see him and i onli can do is to ask rats (louis superior) to pass it to him and he refer to help me and i onli can find another superior to help me le and he is willing to help ,e and i was so happy i have hope le..
In fact i realli hope that he can accept me and noes that how much i love him and i have hard time everyday been thinking of him missing him thinking when will he be coming to lvl 8

after a couple months a new staff come and i just noe her she is a new training receiption and after along time both of us as become good frenz we share alot of things and we oso been talking abt kane and her bf tonymy anothergood frenz.. we share alot and she know that hw much i miss him..

One day Tony meet them out for suppurt he know them for long time le.. when they meet tony has been talking of me infront of him how well work and wat am i study and so on when lilian told tony that i study engneering course in aerospace he went to tell him he was so surprising and cant believable abt me.. i am so surprise that lilian will come and tell me wherever wat they told him abt me..

and we have nothing new in the further times seem like our game is finish soon as after i been knowing him for kong time and i will still thinking of him missing him and all my colleague has noe not just only lvl 9 ppl noes all loutlet and head office ppl also knew it.. it amazing
working in k box aready been 2 yrs..

alot of things has happen superior being change a person that is new to me as my suprior is a person which making diffcult on me dislikes me never trust me on the work seem to looking down n me just noe hw to drinks looking for pretty gals.. As i been enough of him and start to thinking of wat am i suppose to so and in the end i started to think of resign and finally i tented my resign letter on 26 july and my last day on 26 aug 09 and my final last week my best buddy servant kent has told me something on kane and is a very upset matters on the past few months wat i have been sending to him and he has been giving everyone that he noes to see wat have i been sending to him..

From the day on i told myself i wont never haver forgive him and wat matter he does is oso no my busineess..

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