Thursday, March 26, 2009

SaD story

I have been to tired le altot my body is not tired but my heart is very tired i been thinking if i never born in tis world is it better for me???
I need the person beside me and if can i really wish he can lent his shoulder to me lent his ear and comfort me. I have been waiting for him to appear but no result shows altot i do have boyfriend before they are just playing and would not treasure me..

I really wanted a guy which noe what mind is thinking what i wan and when i feeling moody he noe how to solve my problem but in tis kind of life is impossible to find tis type of guys le..
If i can i realli wanna to leave this year as wat my doctors has say my life will end around 60

I have an unhappy family living with them is so tired i realli realli wanted to leave singapore going to other country to renew my life getting away all my pain and tiredness i don have anymore feeling my heart has non longer around my heart has been crushed long time ago

i wanted to restart all over again I don wish to cry i am tired of it le


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