Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Most happy day in 07-03-09

on sat i wake up at 10.30am rushing to bath and rushing out to city hall to meet my frenz becos we going to marina bay platform for e-awardto support our ENERGY we reach there @ 11.30 we saw alot of people Q so I went to look for mY fans club frenz as on the same time i get to make a few of the new frenz frm the club and we went to marina square for starbucks and it start to rain so we went to john little to get 1 extr umbella so we went back to marina bay and @ 5 we start to go in to get in for the seating and alot of people is arrivaling in the same time sky is getting darken and after the rain stop rainbow came out and the event is starting soon and my fans club leader came a well later she came to inform me that she cant get the ticket for me from e k-box so she say she will check again when we arrival to cineleisure so as so i was so scare i try to get all k box outlet is that still have any k box ticket so i can get it as if it has finish in all outlet so after that i was waiting for them to call me back so i was waiting but the calls was not back so i have to pray that will have ticket for me so when energy was out from the award they won 2 prizer and its was a very good present for them in tis year and some more is a good thing is kunda brday too..After they left the stage we start to move off we are going for another last event in k box for ENERGY YEAH Party so we reach there all of us reach there and went to toilet to get change put on make up and go for Q as when loo jean came to told me that the ticket is really sold out i was so disappointed so in the end i saw Joseph i went to ask him is he able allow to let me in he never say anything 1 words he say okie and i was so happy we start to get in 1 by 1 in the mean while we were waiting and we went to toilet break and go around taking pic and chatting around with frenz that long time no see..

As the time is getting late event is still no started and we wait and the events is starting @ 12am and we were so happy Su wei, kunda, ah di and xiao kang is so happy they still remember us wat we wear on the e- award as we start to play game and on the same time we saw ah di went out to get brday cake for kunda becos is his brday and kunda receive a watch tat seem like very expensive and as well all four of them oso have it and last finally we wanted them to sing song as they sing 2 song 1 is eason chen ten year and the last song is from 张学友 - 她来听我的演唱会 and it end so after that we book a maxi cab we went to chase them and we went to zouk they was there for drinking and there is alot of people inside like show and JJ after that we went to their hotel @ marina mandrin hotel to wait for them and around 5+ they came back we were so happy and we wait for them and went to airport to sent them off @ 6.30 we reach airport and on the way to airport we were beside them in the maxi cab we saw them sleeping and when we reachairport we wait for them outside when they get down from the car i was so exited as su wei saw me say good morning to him and follw on ah di xiao kang and kunda and they looks very tired as we were walking very close to them we sent them to departure hall and we rush up to he viewer hall to look in to the derpature place ah di and su wei sow on top and waives to us good bye we were so sad and wanted to go off with them to taiwan we will be waiting for them to come back to singapore and go and chase them and whatever places they go..

Miss them sooooooooooooooooooooo much....... Luv ENERGY

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